past event • 03/25/11President’s Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues - The Ethics of Synthetic Biology

Join us to discuss the Presidential Commission on Bioethics report calling for enhanced oversight of synthetic biology.

past event • 02/16/11Socio-Technical Integration Research Project Workshop 4

Join the Synthetic Biology Project on February 16 and 17 for the Socio-Technical Integration Research (STIR) Project Workshop 4.

Project news • 12/16/10Presidential Commission on Bioethics Releases Synthetic Biology Report

A new report from the Presidential Commission on Bioethics calls for "prudent vigilance" and enhanced federal oversight of synthetic biology. The Commission calls for high level engagement and places responsibility on the Executive Office.

Project news • 11/09/10Fictional Super Cell Market Imagines Synbio Products

Super Cell is a fictional supermarket offering speculative products, which are all based on synthetic biology.

past event • 09/09/10Synthetic Biology: What does the public think?

Researchers at the J.C. Venter Institute announced the creation of a bacterial cell controlled by a synthesized genome, a significant milestone in the emerging field of synthetic biology. But did anyone in the public listen?

Project news • 09/02/10Public Policy Scholar Pauwels Testifies before Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) Meeting of Experts at the United Nations

The August 25 Seminar on the margins of the 2010 meetings of the BWC marked the culmination of 3 years of engagement on synthetic biology. The Seminar briefed the BWC community on non-security challenges raised by synthetic biology and illustrated how they are being dealt with.

Project news • 07/06/10Project Director Rejeski Testifies before Bioethics Commission

The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues held its first meeting on July 8-9. David Rejeski testified on the ethical issues of synthetic biology.

past event • 03/11/10BioSecurity: How synthetic biology is changing the way we look at biology and biological threats

The rapidly growing network of do-it-yourself biologists has attracted the attention of both innovators, looking to mobilize a network of creative minds, and security experts, worrying about the proliferation of new capacities to create biological organisms.

Project news • 06/24/09 Does Synthetic Biology Need Synthesized Ethics?

A comprehensive ethical approach is needed to more readily identify and address ethical challenges and foster a productive public dialogue about social implications, according to a new report.

Ethical Issues in Synthetic Biology
Publications • 06/24/09Ethical Issues in Synthetic Biology

A new report presents a framework for addressing the social and ethical issues surrounding the emerging field of synthetic biology.

past event • 06/24/09Ethical Issues in Synthetic Biology

A new report from the Hastings Center and Synthetic Biology Project calls for a comprehensive approach to addressing ethical and social issues of emerging technologies as a whole so that scarce intellectual resources can be used optimally.

Project news • 05/20/09Synthetic Biology in High Places

Project scholar presented recent research findings on the public perception of synthetic biology before the European Group on Ethics.

Project news • 03/25/09 Synthetic Biology: The Next Biotech Revolution Is Brewing

The safety of early applications of synthetic biology may be adequately addressed by the existing regulatory framework for biotechnology, but further advances in this emerging field are likely to create significant challenges for U.S. government oversight, according to a new report.

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